Seller Representation

Invictus Capital Advisors, LLC is well-respected for its ability to effectively advise the owners of public and privately-held middle market businesses. The professionals with Invictus understand the critical nature and the needs of a business client during a transaction process, as many of our team are former business owners themselves. The specific objectives a client seeks may be a family succession, minority or majority recapitalization, management buyout, sale and lease-back transaction, or the outright sale of the business.


Regardless of the path taken, significant dollars are at stake and Invictus has the resources and experience to achieve the client’s desired results. Every client we accept into our process has a unique situation. Therefore we tailor our proven approach to fit the industry, market, and client’s specific circumstances. In general, the following components make up the scope of our seller advisory representation.


Preparation – Understanding the key value drivers and intangible assets of the client’s personal goals and those of the business is critical for a successful outcome. Effectively conveying these strengths and positive attributes to prospective buyers/investors is done in part through our preparation of professional and comprehensive documentation, including a Confidential Information Memorandum and a series of related materials.
Strategic Marketing – Determining the best acquirer, investor, or financing source for your business is not an easy task, but a vital one at which Invictus excels. In addition to the shared knowledge and extensive personal buyer, investor, and financing contacts among our seasoned professional staff, we also subscribe to numerous industry resources and databases to be sure that no stone is left unturned in our quest to find the right buyer. We are also sensitive to the highly confidential nature of this process and will therefore only contact pre-qualified entities that meet with the client’s prior written approval.
Negotiation & Deal Structuring – Creating a competitive environment among buyers is paramount to negotiating the best terms and conditions of the transaction. Invictus knows how to manage this process to the client’s advantage and with our many years of deal-making experience, we have the knowledge and confidence to go head-to-head with the savviest of buyers. Invictus works in concert with selected investment bankers, tax and legal advisors to navigate through the many variables and complexities involved in any transaction, in order to negotiate a comprehensive and optimal result.
Managing & Closing the Transaction – After finalizing a carefully crafted Letter of Intent with the selected party, Invictus will guide the client through the due diligence process and help the client avoid the pitfalls that can easily destroy a deal. We will also set appropriate deadlines to keep the various parties on track towards completion of satisfactory purchase documents and of course the closing of your transaction.