Corporate Integration & Restructuring

Companies with exceptional growth potential may also face a number of debilitating corporate challenges – insufficient capital base, major management changes, or an environmental crisis. Difficult challenges demand complex solutions. Invictus‘ multi-disciplined approach to corporate restructurings affords clients capital market access and reorganization strategies typically reserved for larger firms.


Invictus Capital Advisors, LLC will assist clients in circumstances where they may not find it possible to meet their financial obligations. This could be caused by a too-highly leveraged situation where cash flow is inadequate to service the debt. Companies sometimes face a completely unexpected one-of-a-kind stress, which likewise places them in a difficult position. In those situations, working with a wide range of outside professionals, Invictus will assist in the following areas as required:

  • Arranging mergers with appropriate partners
  • Section 363 asset sales
  • Raising additional debt or equity capital
  • Divesting corporate assets
  • Assets sales pursuant to assignments for the benefits of creditors
  • Devising new capital structures to manage cash outflows
  • Renegotiating existing debt
  • Working with turnaround consultants to formulate and negotiate workout plans among creditors and debt holders